Blu-ray player sales to top 24 million this year

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blu-ray-logo.jpgThough it’s taken a long time to get going, it seems as if Blu-ray’s popularity is finally starting to hit the mass market, with Futuresource Consulting analysts predicting that as many as 24 million high-def players will be sold this year across the USA, Europe and Japan.

“Last year’s crucial Q4 period accounted for nearly half of all BD players that were sold globally in 2009, and the upward trend is continuing, with our projections showing in excess of 80% unit growth across this year,” says Jack Wetherill, Research Consultant at Futuresource. “This view is based on inputs from a wide range of companies operating in the global Blu-ray hardware business, including vendors, retailers and component suppliers, and forms part of our ongoing research in this area.”

As many as 11 million Blu-ray player sales (which also includes the Blu-ray packing PS3 games console) are expected in the lucrative run up to Christmas. 10% of those are expected to be 3D compatible, with 3D Blu-ray players expected to account for some 40% of decks sold by 2014.

“Sales of HD-capable and 3D-capable TVs, coupled with dramatic reductions in BD player prices are continuing to fuel interest,” Wetherill continues. “Add to that the burgeoning 3D Blu-ray market segment, and we’ll see the format continue to gather momentum in all major markets across the globe.”

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