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Facebook thumb.pngAbout bloody time! Me and my gang of lonely hearts club pals were just the other day talking about how annoying it is to keep having pictures of our respective ex partners popping up in our Facebook Photo Memories box. It seems a Facebook dev must have been eavesdropping in on our conversation, as they’ve now tweaked the feature to be more sensitive to your ickle broken heart.

Previously, the Facebook Photo Memories feature would throw up pictures of pals based on an algorithm that studied how often you viewed their profiles, looked at their pictures or replied to their status updates. It’s likely that you did all these things quite a lot on your ex’s page at one point, and so they probably appeared quite frequently in the Memories box, plucking at your taut heart strings with sadistic regularity.

Seeing sense, Facebook will no longer show pictures of people you have previosuly been in a relationship with.

“Photo Memories no longer shows tagged photos of your friends if you were previously in a relationship with them…” said Facebook Photo boss Sam Odio.

Now all you’ve got to do is delete that “101 Love Songs” playlist from Spotify and you’ll be back out on the pull in no time!

Via: Facebook Insider

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