3D prescription glasses on the way from Samsung

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square_eyes.jpgPut off by 3D TV as you already have a pair of prescription glasses on the end of your nose, let alone 3D ones? Then Samsung may be able to win you over to the third dimension of TV viewing, as they’re looking to introduce a range of 3D glasses that have corrective prescription lenses already built in.

Instead of struggling to slide a pair of 3D glasses over your corrective specs, Samsungs new range will let you enjoy the benefits of 3D TV and the world around you in a single pair, meaning you wont have to swap to contact lenses or endure a fuzzy mess.

So far Samsung are only selling the specs in Korea. You drop your prescription off at the Samsung shop, and within a month you’ve got a corrective 3D pair waiting for you.

As 3D adoption becomes more widespread you’ll likely see Samsung extend this offer to other regions around the world, with other manufacturers probably following suit too. For many, the need for prescription glasses has been a major turn off when it comes to 3D TV, so perhaps this news will boost 3D television’s fortunes slightly.

Via: Akihabara News

Gerald Lynch
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  • what a great idea. Wearing glasses to watch TV as well as to correct vision is a bit off putting. Hope these quickly come to the UK.

  • Its good to see Samsung are addressing the prescription active glasses issue with 3D TV. I know it has been a put off for many people when it comes gaining the full 3D experience comfortably. We can only hope they are not to pricey.

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