Stephen Fry's 3D TV guide for Sky ahead of October 1st channel launch


Stephen Fry Sky 3D TV 3.jpg He’s everywhere at the moment. Stephen Fry, the Jamie Oliver of the tech world, is now giving his time to Sky to promote the launch of its 3D TV channel on October 1st (just in case you’d forgotten).

If you don’t already follow brand Fry on Twitter (and let’s face it, 1.8 million people do) and you haven’t got tickets to see him at the Royal Albert Hall next Monday or read his autobiography yet (The Fry Chronicles), you can always see him in re-runs of QI 24 hours a day on Dave.

But if that’s not enough – and frankly it’s more than enough for my liking – there’s now a YouTube video where he tells you everything you want to know about 3D TV, and quite a bit more besides.

Says Fry: “2010 has been a triumphant year for new and innovative technological developments, which is great news for all of us, not just technophiles like myself. 3D TV in the home is going to be the next exciting chapter in television history when the Sky 3D channel launches on October 1st and I’m delighted to be able to offer a little clarity on the subject.”

Watch YouTube video below if you want to see Stephen Fry wearing lots of 3D glasses and playing with spears. Or go to for more information.

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