Video: Nokia and Intel's MeeGo OS demoed

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MeeGo, the OS fruit of the joint labours of Nokia and Intel has been demoed and caught on video. Hit the play button above to have a look.

Set to re-ignite Nokia’s smartphone branch as the ageing Symbian platform is gradually phased out, the new Linux based OS is already looking very polished.

Set to feature in all flagship Nokia phones after the forthcoming Nokia N8 smartphone, it still retains many similarities with its predecessor. As with Symbian, widgets dominate the homescreen, with a stock exchange module and Last.Fm feature shown in the demo above.

However the homescreen also shows streams from social networks and Nokia’s own Ovi Messenger service, showing the emphasis on social networking that MeeGo is set to offer. All the social updates are displayed in a single stream, with updates to each individual service just a few taps away.

The demo also shows a much smoother Ovi Store for apps. The Ovi Store on Symbian is a very clunky affair, not to mention underpopulated. If MeeGo is to truly rival Android and Apple’s iPhone OS, it’s going to have to really improve what’s on offer in its app store. Still, at least the interface seems a marked improvement there.

So what what do you think of the demo? Enough for you to consider trying out a MeeGo handset over an Apple or Android one? Or are you still happy with Nokia’s Symbian platform anyway?

Via: FoneHome

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