Verizon out nameless HTC Android handset

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HTC verizon.jpgWhat seems to be a brand new HTC device has just popped up over on Verizon’s inventory system. Though the mystery handset doesn’t have a name, there are a few clues to suggest what might be waiting in the wings.

Listed up under the code ADR6325VW, it’s likely to be an Android device rather than a Windows 7 phone, as you’d imagine it would have a different prefix code, perhaps WP rather than ADR.

It also uses the same micro USB charging cable as the Droid Incredible and Droid Eris handsets. Could it perhaps be the HTC Scorpion, Verizon’s first LTE 4G phone? Though it’s listed under the same field as 3G phones, a single 4G handset is hardly cause for introducing another category to the inventory system, so it’s quite possible.

Plenty of speculation there to get you thinking, but the HTC 2010 roadmap that leaked late last year did promise a slew of new phones hitting in the Autumn, so it’s only a matter of time before this mysterious addition is revealed we should think.

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