Android phones outselling iPhones in the US, BlackBerry still dominates

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Apple’s iPhone 4 may be grabbing all the headlines, but figures just released by analyst group Nielsen show that phones running Google’s Android operating system are outselling the all iterations of the Jesus phone in the US.

During the first six months of this year 27 percent of all smartphone sales in the US were made up of those running Android, whilst iPhones managed only 23 percent. BlackBerry still rules the roost in the US however, with a third of all smartphone sales made up of RIM hardware.

“While the iPhone has been the headline grabber over the last few years in the smartphone market, Google’s Android OS has shown the most significant expansion in market share among current subscribers,” says the Nielsen blog.

It’s worth remembering however that the Android OS is on many handsets from many different manufacturers. That the iPhone in its handful of variations is only 4% behind sales of the Android army is impressive in itself.

Via: Nielson / Tech Radar

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