FaceTime over 3G possible after iPhone 4 jailbreak

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If you have used Comex’s jailbreak to open up your iPhone 4, you could be enjoying the delights of FaceTime video calling over your 3G network.

As standard, FaceTime only works over a Wi-Fi connection, but the My3G app, which hasn’t been authorized by Apple and thus only available to those who have applied the jailbreak to their hardware, opens up the app to allow video calling over 3G.

The app can also be used to stream other media, such as TV shows, over 3G where they would usually also be restricted to Wi-Fi connections.

Still, when all is said and done, Three Mobile were doing 3G video calling a good seven years ago. And it didn’t take a software hack and a voided warranty for us all to pay it no attention then either.

Pick up the My3G app here for $3.99, and expect it to hit the Cydia store in the coming days.

Gerald Lynch
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