Tesco game trade-in scheme will let you swap Mario Kart for meat and veg

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tesco.jpgTesco are introducing a new scheme in their stores that will allow customers to trade-in unwanted video games for in-store credit or cold hard cash.

After a successful trial run in Basildon, the trade-in scheme will now be available in 60 stores up and down the country. You can check if your local Tesco is among the list by clicking here.

The might of the massive Tesco machine won’t be the only thing worrying traditional games retailers like Game or Gamestation. Whereas they can only offer cash or a videogaming related trade in, Tesco can offer cash, gaming items or any other product that fills their supermarket shelves. In theory, you could pay for your weekly shop by trading in a handful of games you no longer play.

Pricing is competitive too. Tesco are listing £19 for used copies of Red Dead Redemption and £17 for Mario Kart on the Wii. At this rate you’ll come away with more than just a bag of spuds on your next trip to the supermarket chain.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • Greqt post but I think you should work on the formatting of your main post’s container.

  • This wil be interesting – but only if their trade in values are good and they are easy to trade in – they need to hire people who know what they are doing on the trade in till for it to work quickly..

    Ill keep on selling my games online to tradeyourgames instead unless tesco offer more in cash for the games! 🙂

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