Logitech H760 Wireless Headset lets you go walkies

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Logitech H760 Wireless Headset.jpgLogitech have just released a brand new wireless headset. The H760s will let you go for a wander around your office or home without interrupting any music or VOIP and Skype conversations you may be having.

As it uses a USB dongle as opposed to a Bluetooth connection to connect to your computer, you’ll be able to go as far as 40 feet away from your machine before losing the signal. As Logitech enthusiastically put it, you’ll be able to “jam to your favourite tunes and shimmy to the next room without missing a beat”.

The H760s have a 6 hour battery life and a built in equalizer for fiddling about with your tunes, as well as controls for navigating media apps like iTunes and Windows Media Player. Noise cancelling tech also makes an appearance.

Though we haven’t tested the headset yet, if the audio quality is up to scratch they sound like a steal at £89.99. Pick them up here.

Gerald Lynch
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