Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ projector digital camera – Hands-on and official pics


Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ 2.jpgNikon’s second generation Coolpix S1100PJ projector camera officially broke cover earlier in the week, and last night Tech Digest got to have a quick hands-on play with it. Read on for our initial thoughts, or scroll down for some snaps of the projector-packing camera below.

Surprisingly small considering it’s squeezing a pico-projector into its chassis, the compact-sized camera features a touchscreen LCD for tweaking settings and swiping through albums. Keeping in mind there are projector smarts on-board, there is also a handy annotating fetaure that will allow you to make notes on your pictures with a bundled stylus.

The projector itself however was a little disappointing. Whilst better than what was previously in the S1000PJ projector camera, get anywhere near the 40-inch projection size it’s apparently capable of and the limitations of having just 14 lumens of brightness become clear. As it can be hooked up to a Mac or a PC for presenting files with, it may just pass in such situations where crystal clarity isn’t needed. Admittedly, the manual hardware focus dial was a nice touch, and was a very simple way of getting the picture as sharp as possible.

Still a few tweaks due to the firmware of Nikon’s Coolpix S1100PJ camera before it’s released in September for around £350. We’ll hopefully have a full review soon, but for now feast your eyes on some snaps of the camera below.

Gerald Lynch

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