Samsung YP-Q3 media player revealed ahead of expected iPod Nano launch

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Samsung YP-Q3.jpgSamsung have revealed details of a snazzy new personal media player, the YP-Q3.

Featuring wide-ranging file format support, including playback of H.264 and XviD videos and OGG and MP3 songs, it’ll be more-or less compatible with anything you throw at it. It’s also packing in an FM tuner if you’d rather someone else directs your listening habits.

Of course the elephant in the room is tomorrow’s Apple music launch, which many are expecting to be a brand new iPod Nano model, complete with touchscreen. It’s going to be no mean feat for Samsung to match the buzz surrounding what is expected to be yet another Apple circus.

The YP-Q3 will be out later in the year. No word on pricing or release date yet, probably as Samsung are looking to undercut the competition considerably.

Via: Samsung Hub

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  • i like this player! Q3 is comparatively cheap and a head above many other players in that pricing category, I think while watching video it can make 5.1 channel sound, or 3D, which is really really cool. anyway, wanna it!!

  • The design is adorable. The color is more brilliant than Q2, the one that I’m using now, and it has transformed its image completely to a round, more cute design. It would’ve been nicer if it had a camera.

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