Rockstar pulling the trigger on Red Dead Redemption cheats tomorrow

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The real Wild West may have found a place for the good, bad and ugly of frontier society, but it looks as though only law-abiding cowboys are accepted on Rockstar’s servers for Red Dead Redemption multiplayer sessions.

As of tomorrow, Rockstar will be weeding out and banning cheaters from the PS3 and Xbox 360 game after a string of hacks has seen some player’s leaderboard positions and scores unfairly sky-rocket.

It’s a zero-tolerance policy, with Rockstar “swiftly and indefinitely banishing from the world of Red Dead Redemption multiplayer all Gamertags and PSN IDs we’ve detected  with hacked game saves.”

“Such cheating is a clear violation of our code of conduct, and punishable at our sole discretion”, they added.

If you’re a cheater looking for some redemption of your own, merely deleting your hacked multiplayer saves wont cut it. Rockstar will delete hacked single player saves too, with Rockstar giving each cheat the once over before they are allowed to go back online. However, trophies, achievements, cheats earned through the Rockstar Social Club and preorder items will survive the cull regardless of the player’s activities.

Don’t worry if you took advantage of exploits in the game itself to rack up your XP however. Rockstar says you’ll be safe; “We are able to tell who actually hacked their save to have impossible scores,” they assured gamers.

If you get the shove from Rockstar, but feel you haven’t deserved it, they’ll be taking complaints at this dedicated email address: [email protected].

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