Apple website pulls videos criticising rival smartphones

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apple signal test.jpgAnd so the “Antennagate” sage continues. After claiming that all smartphones suffered from the same signalling issues as the iPhone 4 when held in a certain way, Apple had produced a number of videos for their website, demonstrating their point with HTC, Motorola, Blackberry and Nokia phones. Those videos have now been pulled by the Cupertino company from their US site.

It’s an unusual step for Apple, especially considering the widespread derision they’ve faced over the “death grip” problem from their rivals. Samsung even humourously noted the issue in a high-profile advertising campaign, viewable here.

Apple have also changed the name of the page in question, from Apple’s Smartphone Antenna Performance page to Apple’s Antenna Design and Test Labs.

Is legal action causing Apple to backtrack perhaps? Or have they realised that this tit-for-tat pettiness is really just prolonging the bad press?

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