Apple TV to be rebranded as iTV? Confusion most certainly to follow

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apple-tv-2.jpgApple’s Steve Jobs has been teasing at a revamped Apple TV service for some months now, even talking at length about its possibilities at the D8 conference back in June (check the video above for that).

It now appears that the Cupertino kings will be looking to rebrand the service from Apple TV to iTV. While this may bring the hardware branding in line with their other devices (iPhone, iPad etc), it’s almost certainly going to ruffle feathers over at British commercial television broadcasters ITV, not to mention cause confusion for consumers.

Apple had initially planned to use the iTV name back at the service’s original launch in 2007, but backed out considering the significant status of the TV channel’s branding. It seems now Apple are more confident in their own brand, and will go ahead with the similar name nonetheless.

The new iTV service, unsurprisingly, looks set to feature apps too, a sensible move considering the impending launch of rival Google TV. However it’s been suggested that the A4 chip employed by Apple in their TV boxes will be unable stream Full HD 1080p content, which will surely annoy high-def connoisseurs.

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