Playstation Phone on the way from Sony Ericsson?

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It’s a rumour as old as Sony’s PSP itself, but once again speculation is heating up that Sony Ericsson are planning a Playstation branded mobile phone.

The well-respected team over at Engadget say they have it on good authority that the Playstation phone is no longer a “random rumour”, with “reason to believe that what we’ve heard and seen is real and coming to market”.

They describe a phone with a form factor similar to the PSP Go, with slide out games controls, running Android 3.0 . The D-Pad will be replaced with a touch-pad, while the PSP shoulder buttons are said to feature.

Falling within the Xperia range, it’ll have the same graphical capabilities as a PSP, running off a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, with a 5MP camera and a screen perhaps as large as 4.1 inches.

Most exciting of all, Engadget believe that the Playstation Phone may go public as soon as October.

If it all proves to be true, the Playstation Phone could be the ultimate handset for mobile gaming, an area where Android currently lags far behind the iPhone.

Fingers tightly crossed for this one.

Via: Engadget

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