iDAPT i4 Universal Charger fills 4000+ devices with juice, four at a time

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idapt i4.jpgUniversal chargers are, to be honest, not all that exciting. It’s definitely a “function over fashion” affair most of the time with very little to write home about. The iDAPT i4 Universal Charger however is far more interesting than your run-of-the-mill power dock.

Capable of charging four different gadgets at a time, the iDAPT i4 kit is compatible with over 4000 devices, including iPhones, iPods, handheld games consoles and sat navs. If it’s got a rechargeable battery in it, chances are the iDAPT i4 can power it. Several popular adaptor tips are included, and there’s even a USB port for gadgets that are charged that way.

It’s quite the looker too. The sleek gloss-black finish is pretty stylish for a charging mat, while LED indicators help tell you when all your gadgets are fully charged.

If you’re sick of having a million different chargers around the house, this could be really useful. At just £39.99 it’s cheap enough to be a viable alternative to multiple bespoke chargers too. Pick it up here.

Gerald Lynch
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