Apple rumours: iTunes streaming and camera iPods on the way?

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itunes-logo.pngRumours of cloud-based and streaming versions of iTunes are nothing new, and have only been fired by Apple’s acquisition of the LaLa streaming experts. But Boy Genius Report have uncovered more evidence to suggest it’s on the way, as well as two new camera iPods.

BGR’s Apple source claims that a streaming version of iTunes is indeed on the way, streaming all sorts of media to your desktop or iPhone/iPod. You’ll also be able to stream tunes you already own over the internet from your own PC rather than Apple’s servers, which will help take some of the strain off of their own infrastructure.

Syncing over Wi-Fi would also be introduced, meaning you wouldn’t be tethered by a USPB cable to your computer every time you wanted to side-load new content onto your portable Apple devices.

Keep in mind that Apple have already rejected the Wi-Fi Sync app that looked to offer similar functionality, and it’s not much of a stretch to imagine perhaps Apple have their own ideas planned.

The source also revealed that an Autumn event may reveal two new iPods with cameras and or camcorders, which could end up being a camera-touting iPod Touch.

Gerald Lynch
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