Roger Ebert offers half-baked apology for "gaming not art" comments

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roger ebert apology.jpgSun Times critic Roger Ebert enraged the gaming community recently with his dismissive comments on the cultural importance of videogames, stating that they can not and will never be considered a true art form.

Today, in a massive 1,800 word apology, Ebert tried to placate the masses of gamers who attacked his critique as ill-informed and bandwagonesque.

Well, sort of at least.

You see, on the one hand Ebert is very gracious and humbled in his response. “I was a fool”, he concedes, continuing to say that “never is a very, very long time” for him to make such a blanket assumption on.

But then, the contradictions pipe in “I still believe [that gaming can never be considered art], but I should never have said so”. So it’s OK then Roger to think one thing and say another? Not the most solid show of integrity for someone who makes a living as a critic really, is it?

But, begrudgingly, apology accepted.

(Read Ebert’s post in full here.)

Gerald Lynch
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