VIDEO: Teenage inventor becomes real-life Spiderman!

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As far as school projects go, I cant think of anything cooler than building a gadget that turns you into a real-life Spiderman. But that’s exactly what UK schoolboy Hibiki Kono has done, as he has amazed the world by scaling walls with his DIY superhero kit.

By strapping a pair of £15 Tesco vacuum cleaners to his back and attaching two nozzle pads to them, Hibiki Kono has become just like his comic-book wall-crawling hero.

“I used to dress up as Spiderman when I was younger, I love the films,” said 13 year old Hibiki. “I wanted to make something a bit different. But my mum won’t let me use it in my room – she’s worried I’ll pull down the ceiling.”

When I did Design and Technology at secondary school all I got to make was a clock. I’m starting to feel a bit cheated after seeing this. It was a great clock, mind you…

Via: The Mirror

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