VIDEO: Nokia N9 QWERTY slider caught on camera

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A video of what seems to be a leaked prototype of a Nokia N9 smartphone has popped up online. Details are sketchy, but here what the video appears to show.

First up, it’s a QWERTY slider, with a full hardware keyboard tucked under its screen. Though it seems similar to leaked images of an apparent Nokia N9 handset that popped up online a few weeks ago, there are a few points which suggest it isn’t a true succsessor to the forthcoming N8 smartphone.

First up, it’s running Symbian, despite news yesterday that all high-end Nokia smartphones from now on will be sporting the MeeGo OS instead. It also states on the underside of the phone that there is an 8MP camera sensor inside, despite the N8 featuring a 12MP one, which obviously seems like a significant step backwards.

Elsewhere there seems to be a capacitive touchscreen and mini HDMI out port too.

Whatever the phone ends up being, either way its obviously a very early build handset. It’ll be interesting to see if this pops up as an actual N Series model, or even an E or C series model.

Any ideas?

Via: Negri Electronics

Gerald Lynch
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  • Well the SE Vivaz have 8 MP whereas the Vivaz pro only have 5 mp. So it wouldn’t be the first time a phone company made compromizes to fit in a qwerty camera.
    And remember that when you say “which obviously seems like a significant step backwards.” you are wrong as the number of MP is NOT a messurement of quality. The Nokia N86 is one of the best camera phones and it “only” have 8 mp which is more than enough in a phone it is more important with optics and sensors. I would rather have the qwerty and a 8 mp camera than just the 12 mp camera 🙂

  • It is nice video. i like your presentation.It definitely is not the N9 since this is running what looks like Symbian^3 whereas N9 is supposed to run might real as the main front button is on the center and the slider button is on the left side of the phone, just like the previous render that came before the n8 was released.

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