Q. Exactly how many iPhone 4s are on sale in the UK today? A. 16,000?

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iPhone 4 official.jpgUnless you have been living under a rock all week you’ll know that today sees the launch of the iPhone 4 in the UK,. You may also know that those pesky little phones are in short supply. We’ve heard tales of disappointed punters as stores apparently haven’t had as many iPhones as they expected. Certainly not enough to meet demand.

So exactly how many iPhones are in the wild in the UK today? Well Apple were supposed to have delivered 60,000, but the Twitter powered Internet rumour mill is suggesting that the actual figure is a lot lower.

Sources from a major mobile phone retailer are even saying that the real figure is as low as 16,000. There does appear to be a lot of not very happy would-be iPhone buyers out there today.

Did you manage to get yours?

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