O2 stores open early for iPhone 4 rush

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o2iphone4.jpgO2 stores up and down the country will open at 8.02am (oddly precise time?) tomorrow, to deal with the expected onslaught of iPhone 4 buyers, upgraders and rubber-neckers.

Whether this onslaught will materialise is an altogether different issue. Despite favourable initial reviews from the tech world’s biggest hitters, Engadget and Boing Boing, it may be that Apple fanboys are running low on cash after last month’s iPad launch, while upgraders might think twice about giving up their unlimited data for O2’s odd new tariffs.

Having said that there are already queues building outside Apple’s flagship Regent Street store.

This will be the first real test of Apple’s ability to launch two such mainstream orientated products in such quick succession. Yes, the nature of the products is different but nevertheless the demographics buying them won’t be. It’ll be interesting to see how the release of one product affects the sales of the other, if at all.

If you’re going to be queuing up tomorrow tell us why? What makes it worth it. The kudos? The device? The insatiable urge of the early-adopter? Whichever, tell us about it.

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  • “8.02am (oddly precise time?)” – maybe they just thought it would be cool to have O2 at the end of the time?

  • I’m going at about 6:45 shop said they have a lot so we should be ok to get one until about 2pm As it’s only open to o2 customers

  • Hi guys, are we all talking about the Apple store in Trafford centre in Manchester? and are they only selling to O2 customers and are these phones unlocked

  • I will be going into Manchester to start queueing at around 3am. I have bought all 3 previous releases on launch dates and Iphone never disappoints me with it new features.
    At the 3G launch 2 years ago I arrived at the trafford centre at 2am and was joined by 4 others at 4am, the phone was sold out nationwide by 10am followed by a month of limited availability- so better safe than sorry and if 3am doesnt secure me the iphone 4 then the world is even madder than me.

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