Fairshare Music gives half download profits to charity


Fair Share Music.jpg Download music legally and do your bit for charidee at the same time. You can’t really get more virtuous than that can you? Well that’s the proposition of new music download service FairshareMusic.com

Billed as the home of ‘feelgood downloads’, the new service boasts over 8.5 million tracks with prices starting at 79p per track. It’s much like every other popular music site, except that for every track you download, it donates half the profit to your chosen charity. The more you download, the more it donates.

Founding partners include Amnesty International, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, Centrepoint, Friends of the Earth, Great Ormond Street Hospital, NSPCC, Oxfam, Sue Ryder Care, Teenage Cancer Trust and WWF.

For more information go to www.fairsharemusic.com.

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