Video: Top 5 Red Dead Redemption hilarious glitches

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Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar’s epic wild west adventure, is a massive game that’s massively good. Just check out our full review if you don’t believe us. For whatever reason however, it also features some pretty huge glitches too.

And boy are they funny. From a gunslinging dog to the creepy “Donkey Woman”, here are five of the best glitches that have been spotted so far. Part of me hopes Rockstar don’t put a fix out for these. They’re that good. Check them out below.

(Kudos goes to WhereDaBootz for finding most of these)

Flying People

Gunslinging dog

Donkey Woman

Flying Deer

Invisible Horses

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  • I would literally pay hundreds of dollars to hang out with these guys just once. So hilarious.

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