Steve Jobs confirms iPad printing incoming

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jobs ipad.jpgApple are keen to tout the iPad tablet as a true alternative to a traditional PC, but it’s still lacking a few key features, not least of all the ability to print documents. That may be set to change soon though, as Steve Jobs has all but confirmed printing is incoming for iPads.

The news comes in the form of another customarily curt email from Steve Jobs. An Apple fan recently sent Steve Jobs an email which read, “Dear Steve, why no iPad printing? What gives?”

Jobs’ zen-like reply come soon after: “It will come.”

So there you have it, straight from the Apple head-honcho’s mouth. It’s far from an official announcement, but it adds weight to the findings of those scouring the iPhone 4.0 OS who believed they had previously uncovered the printing plans.

iWorks support pages say that “Printing directly from iPad is not currently available”. “Currently” being the operative word there, it looks as if your iPad documents might be flying out of a printer very soon.

Via: MacRumours

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