Blinkbox video streaming headed to the PS3

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blinkbox.pngBlinkbox, the online movie and TV streaming platform, is headed to the PS3. Facing stiff competition from Sony‘s own Playstation Video Store and the incoming LoveFilm streaming service, Blinkbox hopes to stare down the its rivals with a competitive pricing structure.

Users will be able to both rent and buy shows and films using Blinkbox. Rented shows will cost £0.39 per episode and movies will cost £0.99, to be watched an unlimited number of times within 24 hours.

Prices for buying shows and films begin at £0.89 and £2.99 respectively. These can be streamed an unlimited number of times and are stored in an online library.

Blinkbox also has a few PS3 focussed features to differentiate the service from the one they already provide to PC users. Blinkbox will automatically resize video for PS3 users to find the best possible fit for the display they are watching on, while the controls have been refined to better fit a gamepad.

Blinkbox have already signed deals with major studios including Universal, Paramount and Warner Brothers, meaning the likes of The Hangover and Inglorious Basterds can be streamed, alongside shows such as Shameless and The League of Gentleman.

Any service that encourages competitive pricing for streamed rentals is a good thing in our ooks. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Blinkbox.

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Gerald Lynch
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