Poll: Are you happy with the new Facebook privacy settings?

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Facebook‘s CEO Mark Zuckerberg last night announced the details of his social network’s new privacy controls, after many users felt that the previous settings were too complicated. Under the banner of “one simple control”, Facebook hope the new controls will make privacy settings on the network more intuitive and transparent.

The controls will now allow you to control who can see Facebook updates; everyone, friends and their friends, or just your friends. There will also be controls for blocking specific users too. You will also now be able to change who can view your friends list and pages instead of them being mandatorily public. All settings changed will be applied retroactively to pages and Facebook applications.

However, as the changes are rolled out over the next few weeks, user’s privacy settings are expected to revert to a recommended setting initially, sharing users’ posts, status updates, photos with user’s bio, quotes and friends lists with the whole web. Read Facebook’s plans in detail here.

“Each time we make a change we try to learn from past lessons, and each time we make new mistakes too,” said a frank Zuckerberg. But what do you think? Have Facebook done enough to win back your trust?

Leave your response in the poll below.

Gerald Lynch
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