Gallery: Acer launch the LumiRead e-reader

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acer lumiread 1.jpgAcer have today announced the launch of their LumiRead e-reader. Who cares about e-readers these days when you have some mighty fine tablets flying around, I hear you say? Well Acer hope to whet your appetite by throwing in some unique features to the LumiRead.

First up though, some pretty standard features. It’s a 6 inch e-reader with an eInk display and full QWERTY keyboard. It’s only a few millimetres thick and has 2GB of memory that can be expanded using microSD cards.

Things get a bit more interesting though with the addition of DLNA compatibility, allowing you to stream books, and more crucially, large file sized audio-books, across your home network. There’s an ISBN scanner that will let you search for digital copies of books you might find in a library or shop, and there is built-in Wi-Fi and optional 3G, with a web browser that can save pages for offline viewing.

No word yet on whether it will hit UK stores, but a deal with Barnes and Nobles in the US at least suggests that a Western release is on the cards. Does it do enough to pull your attention away from the slew of tablet s on the way though?

Mull it over while you check out the gallery below.

Gerald Lynch
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