New FIFA Superstars football game headed to Facebook

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FIFA logo thumb.jpgEA are looking to release a brand new FIFA football game on Facebook, called FIFA Superstars.

When EA bought casual-games development company Playfish back in 2009, we wondered what the sports game publishing giant had in mind. FIFA Superstars appears to be the fruits of that purchase.

There are few details on the game yet. EA Sports boss Peter Moore, writing on the EA blog, said that it will “”connect fans from all over the world who share a common passion for the sport”, at least suggesting some sort of social element to the game, which would make sense considering the Facebook tie-in.

So with little else to go on, what would you like to see from FIFA Superstars? Personally I’d like a realtime, day-by-day management sim, that I could play online with friends over Facebook. A bit like a social networked Football Manager; how awesome would that be!?

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Gerald Lynch
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