Playfish to release new game next week

Playfish founder Sebastien de Halleux has confirmed that the company plan to release their latest title, Crazy Planets, next week.

Speaking with Tech Digest de Halleux said the game would include “robots, explosions and lots of teaming up with your friends to blow things up”. Sounds good eh?

The title, as with all Playfish titles, will be accessible across a range of social networking platforms including Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. It will be playable via PC, netbook, smartphones….almost everywhere you can log onto to your social network, you can play Playfish games.

Previous titles have proved massively popular – Pet Society has almost as many gamers as World of Warcraft – a whopping 11 million.

Titles are free, although there are pay-for options within the games. de Halleux told us that in Crazy Planets this would involve customising weapons and planets.

We at Tech Digest like Playfish. Their breed of social network based gaming is a refreshing change to the usual gaming experience. Expect to read more about Playfish on the blog in the future.

Check out this sneak peak of Crazy Planets: