Playfish with three applications in Facebook top 10 games

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Facebook-top-10-games.jpgWho has the biggest brain? Playfish apparently, as all three of their Facebook application game titles have made it into the top 10 most played on the social networking website.

Who Has The Biggest Brain comes in at No.6, Bowling Buddies at No.8, Word Challenge at No.10 and if you need me to tell you what these games are about, then the answer to the one at No.6 is, not you. All of that totals over 700,000 unique players who spend, on average, 35 minutes each day on the games.

Playfish are the only publisher to have more than one application in the Facebook top 10 and even combined they only just manage to beat the top three giants Scrabulous, Texas Hold ‘Em and Friends for Sale! but Who Has the Biggest Brain is beginning to push up.

I challenge you lot if you think yours is bigger than mine. I currently weigh in with a healthy scientist’s brain measuring 1980cc. I dare you, I double dare you. Post your score if it’s bigger. No liars please, we’re British.


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