iPhone 4G set to come in white too?

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iphone 4g white.jpgThere have been so many leaks relating to the new model of the iPhone that if they all turn out to be the real deal, there hardly seems any point in Steve Jobs going through the motions of a glitzy official reveal at all.

The latest leak comes in the shape of what seems to be an iPhone 4G, but with a white casing. So far we’ve only seen leaks with the traditional black and silver look.

Sure, it wouldn’t be very difficult to mock-up another iPhone “prototype” in a different colour given it’s been a few weeks since the Gizmodo leak. But previous incarnations of the iPhone have had a white version too, so it’s hardly far fetched.

We’ll almost certainly find out for sure come June’s WWDC conference, but you have to feel for Jobs and co. at the moment. His customary “just one more thing…” is going to seem pretty deflated at this rate.

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