HTC Vision: Desire-style handset packs in a full QWERTY keyboard

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htc vision.jpgFancy picking up one of the top-end HTC touchscreen phones, but your fingers still…ahem…desire the feel of a QWERTY keyboard too? Then take a look at this latest offering from the Taiwanese manufacturers, the HTC Vision.

Expected to be pretty much a straight hybrid between the form of the HTC Touch Pro2 and the power of the HTC Desire, it features a full, slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard.

Other than that, there is very little to go on at this early stage. While there are no details on pricing, release date or which version of Android it is running, you’d hope that HTC are developing it with the brand new Android 2.2 Fro-Yo build in mind.

The above image is a mock-up of how the HTC Vision is expected to look. It’s worth noting that HTC have a tendency to change the names of their handsets before they are eventually released at retail, so don’t expect this phone to stay as the Vision for long.

Thinking about picking up a Desire but are now tempted by the prospect of the Vision’s physical keyboard? Let us know.

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One thought on “HTC Vision: Desire-style handset packs in a full QWERTY keyboard

  • It’s all about the QWERTY keyboard! Thats what lets an iPhone down in my opinion.
    Had my G1 for ages now and so want to upgrade. Hurry up HTC! 😀

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