Google showcases Android 2.2 at I/O conference

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android 2.2.jpgGoogle have been showing off their Android 2.2 “Fro-yo” update for their mobile OS at the I/O conference. Adding loads of new functionality, it’s looking like a mammoth upgrade over 2.1.

With a gentle poke at Apple, Google introduced Flash 10.1 support to their OS, as well as optimisations for the operating system as a whole. Apps will now run faster on the same hardware as before, with better javascript performance making web browsing on Android phones as much as 3x faster.

Tethering and portable Wi-Fi hotspots will be introduced with Android 2.2, as well as a “cloud-to-device” API.

Vocal search has also been improved. The “Call” command can now be used to directly dial a number, while Google translate now can speak back a query in numerous languages.

Lastly, apps can now be stored and booted from SD cards, something developers have been crying out for for quite some time. Apps can also now be set to automatically update as soon as new versions are introduced, with error reports automatically sent too if a crash occurs.

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