Google Maps Navigation headed to iPhone?

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Thumbnail image for iphone3G.jpgGoogle rolled out turn-by-turn navigation features to Android phones in the UK this week, and judging from comments from Google following the launch, it looks like they’re planning to release an iPhone version too.

Steve Lee, product manager for Google Maps for mobile, had this to say about the future of Google Maps Navigation: “Google Maps is an application that has the most breadth on other platforms – Windows Mobile, iPhone, J2ME phones but Google Maps navigation requires higher capabilities.”

With Lee confirming that Google are looking into taking the app onto different platforms, all eyes immediately turned to the possibility of it hitting the iPhone. While users would almost certainly welcome it, would Apple considering the ongoing smartphone war against Android?

Keep in mind that Apple bought up their own mapping firm last year, so there’s a strong possibility that they’ll have their own turn-by-turn navigation system in the works to coincide with the launch of version 4.0 of their OS.

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  • Great!!iphones are selling like hot cakes and this additional feature is gonna charm to it.

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