Testers play with Steam for Mac – Video

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Getting hold of computer gaming software has never been all that easy for Mac gamers, often having to wait ages for a slim chance of even the biggest titles hitting Apple’s computers. However, the news that popular digital distribution platform Steam is headed to the Mac may well revolutionise that, with the above clip the first showing testers trying out the platform on Mac.

Steam for the Mac OS X is currently in private beta, meaning only a select few are currently able to try it out. However, the above video is a good indication of what to expect once it launches for the masses.

While retaining the green/grey look PC users have grown familiar with, the top row of buttons has changed slightly, with larger fonts used for “Store”, “Library”, “News” and “Community” than its PC counterpart. Other than that though it looks pretty much identical at this stage.

Steam for Mac was due to launch in April, and while makers Valve have about a week to make good on that promise, it’s looking unlikely now. But the video shows that things seem to be coming along nicely at least, so fingers crossed.

Via: 9to5Mac

Gerald Lynch
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  • I didn’t noticed much new except for the buttons you mentioned. Maybe the tester didn’t show the best of it or they keep the surprise for later.

  • Very often the final product is quite different from what was shown in such leak videos. I would hold my enthusiasm.

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