.xxx domain names still being considered

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xxx domain.jpgWebsites with a .xxx suffix are still being considered by the Global Internet Oversight Agency, new reports have shown. Talks are still taking place to discuss what the potential benefits of introducing the new domains could bring to the internet.

The introduction of .xxx addresses could help better police the internet, allowing parents to easily identify pornographic websites associated with the suffix. However, while it may seem an attractive option for parents and porn sties alike to have such any easily identifiable domain, any migration to the new addresses would be a voluntary act by the adult sites.

Also, some religious groups have slammed the potential move. They see the grouping of adult sites under the .xxx umbrella as legitimising porn sites rather than protecting the interests of vulnerable surfers.

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) have entered into a 70-day consultation process to discuss the proposals. However, ICANN CEO Rod Beckstorm said that there was “a lot of complex issues” surrounding the .xxx domains, with three previous attempts to introduce the domain in the past having been rejected.

Gerald Lynch
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