Nintendo DS2 to be as powerful as the GameCube?

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nintendo logo.jpgThis week’s Games Developer Conference has seen many speculating over what to expect from Nintendo’s next hand-held offering. Rumours are now circulating that the so-called DS2 will have power comparable to the still-impressive Nintendo Gamecube.

According to developer sources, Raymond Padilla was told to expect the return of the dual-screen set-up, but with larger, higher resolution displays. Apparently, “the gap between the two screens is negligible”, meaning they could be joined to be used as one single, larger screen should the situation require it. An accelerometer may also feature.

The most exciting news concerned the handheld’s development kit, said to be capable of making games similar in scope to that of the GameCube. Nintendo’s Wii-predecessor, the GameCube was super powerful for its day, and had similar graphical capabilities as to that of the Wii. Could classic Gamecube titles like Resident Evil 4 or Star Wars Rogue Leader be set for a portable makeover?

It’s been speculated that the new Nintendo handheld could be ready as early as Christmas of 2010, so we may not have to wait too long to find out if the rumours revealing this portable powerhouse prove to be true.

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