Likwid iPhone app lets you bop along to music-based puzzles

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Likwid is the latest music based app game from FunMobility. However, whereas most music games stick almost religiously to the tap-a-long format laid down by the likes of Guitar Hero, Likwid prefers brain-bending puzzles.

The objective is to fill targets, called ‘Collectors’ with coloured streams using tools called ‘Affectors’ that can change the stream’s direction, speed and colour. When a Collector is filled with the stream an individual track will play. Once you have filled all the Collector targets the entire song will play, the puzzle is solved and you’re dancing away like an idiot down the high-street.

There are plenty of tracks to solve, with artists ranging from Blondie and Duran Duran to Fall Out Boy and Rise Against. Once you’re tired of the songs that come bundled in with the app, there are plenty more to grab from the App Store.

The LikWid app is free and you can grab it here.

Gerald Lynch
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