New iPad-beating Amazon Kindle on the way?

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Thumbnail image for amazon-kindle2.jpgCompetition in the e-reader market stepped up a notch or two with the news that Apple’s iPad was going to tout an iTunes-like book ebook store called iBooks. Feeling the pressure, it looks like Amazon are set to launch a brand new “Super Kindle” to keep up with the pack.

The speculation is based on the fact that Amazon recently bought up New York start-up Touchco. They’ve been working on the development of new low-cost touchscreen technology, with rumours circulating that Touchco is to be merged with Amazon’s Kindle division.

With Amazon recently releasing a Kindle Developer Kit to get more apps on its devices, the New York Times are predicting a “Superkindle with a multitouch color screen and built-in applications”.

Are Amazon perhaps jumping the gun here? Their Kindle has been phenomenally successful, while so far the tech world hasn’t exactly taken the iPad to their hearts. The Kindle works well because it is a dedicated ereader, with few other distractions. Will shoving a few apps onto a colour screen really help it entice people away from the iPad’s draw? I personally think there is still a place for a dedicated E-ink reader.

Via: New York Times

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