Acer launch the Aspire easyStore H340 for all your digital data archiving needs

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Computers get smaller, file sizes get bigger. Fact. But where to store all of our fancy new HD media and lossless sound files? Acer’s Aspire easyStore H340 is one way to keep all your files safely stored away.

The Aspire easyStore H340 is home media server perfect for organising all your video, photo and music files. Totally DLNA compliant, the server can stream files to games consoles and PCs all around the house.

Best of all, the server has four hot-swappable hard disks, allowing for a massive 6TB of storage. That’s more than enough space for the Atom powered kit to automatically backup your entire computer, automatically duplicating data to a number of devices.

Your data can also be accessed remotely thanks to a secure personal web address on the Windows Home Server website.

The Aspire easyStore H340 is available now, with prices starting from £329.99 going up to £429.99.

Gerald Lynch
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  • The remote access to all the data that is going to be stored makes me a bit suspicious about it. Is it going to be safe?

  • Yeah, very soon I will be needing a server of my own to store all the data I am using.

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