Google Nexus One coming to Vodafone

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google nexus.jpgToday is supposed to be about CES, but unfortunately no one told Google. The company has now officially taken the wraps off its innovative new Nexus One smartphone and the big news for the UK at least is that Vodafone is going to take it.

The specs for the phone have been everywhere recently, but we can now confirm that it uses Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, sports a 3.7incyh touch screen and runs the latest version of the Google operating system Android 2.1.

It goes on sale in the spring and is available SIM free for $529.99 or via Vodafone on a contract basis later in the spring.

The new phone has the latest versions of all Google’s core apps. So you get an upgraded version of Google Earth which has a 3D style quality, Gmail, Google Voice and Google Maps. It also obviously has access to the ever growing Android app store and comes with voice recognition software which in theory will let user speak emails and tweets.

As far as we can see its only real weakness is a paltry four Gigabytes of storage which is way less than a certain smartphone we could mention.

Here’s the promo video

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