Diego-San: The world's most frightening robot child?

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diego-san robot.jpgI’ve become accustomed over the years to pictures of menacing looking robots hitting my inbox. I brace myself, hit the link, and more often than not end up laughing at their hideous Elephant Man-like proportions.

But not with Diego-San. He’s set haunt my dreams for all eternity.

Researchers from the University of California have been developing Diego-San in order to help study how infants develop motor skills. Based (I’d say loosely) on an average one year old, Diego-San is filled with 60 moving parts, 20 of which are in its head, as well as a speaker, 6-axis accelerometers and five fingered gripping hands.

Maybe that iPhone conception-couple should have just shelled out for one of these “babies” instead? Props to comment poster Sam Handel, who quite understandably suggested that we should “Kill it! Kill it with fire!”.

More disturbing shots over at Pink Tentacle.

Gerald Lynch
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