Couple conceive thanks to iPhone app

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iphone-baby-clothes.jpgThose storks best watch their backs: it looks like iPhones will be delivering little bundles of joy from now on.

Take Lena and Dudley Bryce from Kelvinside Glasgow. For four years the pair had tried to have a children, but to no avail.

“Doctors couldn’t find any reason why I hadn’t been able to get pregnant” Lena told the Scottish Sun. ” We’re young, fit and healthy and just expected everything would be fine, so it began to weigh a bit heavily on us”.

The Bryces were considering adoption and IVF treatment when Dudley gave Lena an iPhone, who then put the Free Menstrual Calendar app on the handset. The app predicts when the most fertile moment to conceive is, and even suggests some sexual positions to get things started.

And, as if by magic, two months later Lena conceived. Little Lola Bryce was born at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, weighing a healthy 6lb 12 oz.

Is there anything an iPhone can’t do?

Fancy giving the app a go? Kick-start a 21st century baby-boom by clicking here.

Gerald Lynch
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  • The iPad and the iPhone are both brainchildren of Apple. Seemingly the same piece of equipment extended on each other, this is not the case. They differentiate in the Internet service provided, the applications offered, the keyboard size, the screen resolution, and the available memory space. For the busy Apple user and customer, both pieces of hardware may benefit to fit every style of work needed and personal use required.

  • What iPhone app is there which allows you to see all your contacts updates via facebook, twitter etc?
    I want an iPhone app that allows me to see what my contacts have been up to and also update all my statuses at the same time, I’m sure there’s app’s out there for that, but what are they called?

  • I’ve been browsing through Apple’s website this morning and have seen the new iPad. From first sight, it looks exactly like a larger than life version of the iPod touch, and when reading reviews and specs, I have realised that this is what the iPad actually is. However, I can see some serious practical issues with said device, being that it is far too large to fit in the pocket or even a small bag, making walking along the street listening to music impractical and a mugging hazard. It does not do anything more than the average iPod touch or laptop, and for the much-hyped ‘internet surfing’, the user has to be in a location with wifi connection. There is no USB port, ruling it out as a laptop replacement, and to type a long essay, the iPad would have to be laid flat on a table, making the user strain to see the screen, unlike the traditional laptop.

    Overall? I would say the iPad is an unnecessary, overhyped gadget with no real use. However, I would be interested in hearing other peoples’ opinions, so leave them below and tell me what you think!

  • Certain apps I have only allow me to use them with other iPhone users. I don’t know which of my contacts are iPhone users, so is there an app that would let me identify the iPhone users?

  • The hardware (at least for the Droid and Nexus One) supports this feature, but why can’t they implement it? I’ve heard that it was due to a legal issue with Apple, but this can’t be the case as Microsoft was able to enable pinch zooming on its Zune HD without any trouble at all. So what’s the deal with Google?

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