70 million households will pay for internet TV by 2014

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As many as 70 million homes will be paying for IPTV by 2014, according to research analysts Informa. That figure doubles the amount of users currently paying for shows over the internet.

“The global total of pay IPTV homes will more than double to 70 million by end-2014; up from 26 million at end-2009,” said Informa’s report. “Revenues will also climb steeply, from $4.6 billion (£2.85bn) in 2009 to $12.2 (£7.6bn) billion in 2014

“However, only 5% of the world’s TV households are forecast to subscribe to IPTV platforms by 2014. In fact, only 13 countries will have more than 1 million IPTV subs.

Informa believe that this relatively low figure is due in part to a reluctance to abandon the established TV hardware. However, the BBC, a recognisable and trusted institution, are paving the way for such services with their iPlayer and the provisional Project Canvas.

“Informa Telecoms & Media forecasts 26 million IPTV households by end-2009, up 8 million in the year. Asia Pacific and Western Europe are responsible for 2.6 million and 2.4 million of the additions respectively, with North America adding 1.1 million. However, the global figure represents just 2% of TV households.”

Via: Informa

Gerald Lynch
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