Sales of internet connected TVs set to rise?

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cello iViewer.JPG2009 saw the first wave of internet connected TVs and Blu-ray players hit shelves. New research from Futuresource Consulting now shows that as many as 20% of TVs shipped in Europe in 2010 will feature internet capabilities.

“In Europe, four of the major brands have already launched connected TV products that go beyond basic home networking functionality and allow delivery of over-the-top web services,” says David Watkins, Research Consultant at Futuresource. “This includes basic weather and news pages, social networking, video streaming and catch-up TV. Although initially limited to high-end and mid-range products, we’re going to see web connectivity feature on an increasing number of products next year, becoming standard within two to three years. We expect content to be the next battleground and a key driver for connection and usage, particularly through interaction with social networking sites and access to recently released movies.”

Futuresource Consulting expect as many 15 million internet connected TVs to be in use by the end of 2010, a figure making up almost 10% of all flat panel TVs then in use.

The research company also see online content and Video on Demand services such BBC’s iPlayer forcing Pay TV companies like Sky Digital having to drastically evolve in order to sty competitive.

Gerald Lynch
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