Are some iPhone users suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?


John Strand.jpgThere’s an absolutely hilarious piece in the always excellent Mobile Marketing Magazine that takes a sideways look at the passion that some iPhone users have for their mobile.

John Strand, who is CEO of Strand Consult consultants even suggests that some iPhone users might be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Just to remind you Stockholm Syndrome is a condition noted by psychologists after a hostage drama in Stockholm. Here hostages reacted to the psychological pressure they were experiencing, by defending the people that had held them hostage for six days.

What Strand is basically saying is that some Apple iPhone owners have such a complete faith in the company that they counter arguments about any of the iPhone’s alleged weaknesses with an bizarre ‘Apple knows best mantra.’

He concludes with ‘In reality, the iPhone is surrounded by a multitude of people, media and companies that are happy to bend the truth to defend the product they have purchased from Apple. We believe that there are indeed many similarities between the Stockholm Syndrome and what we have taken the liberty to start calling the ‘iPhone Syndrome’. Other phone manufacturers must be very envious of the euphoria that Apple has invoked in its customers.’

I think John Strand is being a bit mischievous, but it really is an interesting read.

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