Postabon app helps shoppers find hot local deals

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Geo-aware, real-time data and social networking have been big buzz words this year, so it’s nice to see an app throwing all of those features together into one mix. The
Postabon app is a location-aware shopping service that allows its network of users to post hot deals in real-time.

Available both to PC and smartphone users, Postabon can pick up on where you are currently located, or where you are headed, and direct you to local deals in shopping categories that you have showed an interest in.

It’s mostly powered by user input, with Postabon’s network of shoppers adding real-time deal-updates as they move from shop to shop. There is even an incentive “karma” scheme, rewarding users who regularly post popular deals.

Postabon is currently available only to residents of New York City, but with plans to expand to other spots around the globe, no doubt there is at least a London-centric version waiting in the wings.

Gerald Lynch
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