INQ's first QWERTY keypad packing phone, the INQ Chat 3G available now from 3

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inq chat 3g.JPGINQ’s first QWERTY keypad packing phone, the INQ Chat 3G is available now from 3.

The phone is being touted as the “ultimate social tool”, a brave claim but one that INQ have gone a long way towards reaching. With a full QWERTY keypad, the INQ Chat 3G has Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Facebook and Twitter built in. Real-time Gmail access is supported, delivering email instantly without fussy updates or load times, while Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail are also supported.

iTunes and Windows Media Player syncing is also possible with the INQ Chat 3G, and from £10 a month, the phone can also be used as a plug-and-play wireless broadband modem for your laptop.

£15 a month grabs you the handset, with unlimited texts, internet, 3-to-3 calls, 75 any network minutes and unlimited Skype and Windows Live Messenger access. The phone is also available for £99.99 on a Pay As You Go pricing plan, giving you free internet, a bundle of texts, free calls to other 3 mobiles and free voicemail for 90 days with every top-up.

INQ CEO Frank Meehan said: “We’ve looked at what a lot of consumers want and haven’t been getting so far from mobile manufacturers – a well priced device built around the internet that does more than voice-and-text. The INQ Chat 3G does it simply and beautifully, with sharp design and packaging.”

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